Many homeowners wait until their system may not cool or heat before they call for service. You may find yourself waiting several days on the coldest and hottest time of the year, when our company is fully booked with service calls. Maintenance allows your system to work at its peak efficiency for years to come and can help lower your utility costs. Your HVAC system requires regular maintenance and care. If you don’t maintain your system, its performance will start to slip and can eventually fail. Also, a maintained system will experience fewer break downs, reducing the need and cost of unnecessary repairs or replacements. 

We at Chris Mechanical Service, offer year round maintenance services for your HVAC system. Our technicians will perform a 21 point inspection that will consent of but not limited to:

°Cleaning the drain lines.

°Checking the thermostat

°Inspecting the indoor and outdoor coil

° Running and testing the system

Be on the look out in Spring and Fall for special offers. Call or click to schedule your maintenance service and receive professional service at the highest degree°.

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